Hello there - this site's still up - don't worry. 

I've converted all sites to friends-only; a lot of people have lost their passwords and do not want their old posts public anymore. 

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Are we back?

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This is a heads-up warning: crossposting and update pinging (to external services) will be completely removed as a feature from Tabulas on October 15th. We will be wiping all crossposting account data from our databases on October 16th. 

This is a part of an effort from my end to get control over the overwhelming code base of Tabulas and pare it down to useful features. 


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What I've always loved about Tabulas is its ability for people to tell their life stories. The blogging format is really perfect for that.

But what about people who want to write fictional stories? The reverse chronological format doesn't encourage proper reading, nor does it really encourage feedback (most people are too lazy to click comments!).

Well, we're trying something new here. I've introduced a new feature which allows you to specify your account as a "story" account type.

The story account type changes your Tabulas in a few ways:

  • Your entries show up in the order they were published
  • No more than one entry ("chapter" as they're called) are shown per page
  • You navigate each chapter like a book - going to the next/previous
  • Each chapter also displays the comments automatically to get feedback from readers
  • Your sidebar also adds a new templating tag (ONLY for story account types: the most recently added chapters)

The idea is to encourage the creative members of Tabulas to post their stories; use the new easy account creation feature to create smaller Tabulas sites to write your short stories!

This is an evolving feature - more of a trial balloon to see how you guys like it. Please let us know what you think!

Want to see an example? I've created http://storyaccount.tabulas.com/ - it has the first few chapters of the Little Prince, my favorite book!

In the coming weeks, as people have story accounts, we'll highlight the best writers and have little competitions

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There was a recent question on the FB wall: "Can I have more than one account on one email address?" Absolutely!

And guess what? I've made it even easier for you to create multiple accounts now! There's now a page under settings called "Create new account."

This view helps you easily create a new Tabulas account, without the hassle of verifying your accounts.

Even better: it automatically groups your accounts, so you can seamlessly log-in and log-out of them!

Go ahead and create new accounts and have fun

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