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Please continue reporting bugs below. Tabulas is in a development freeze as I'm currently engaged in another project.

But I will actively fix any major bugs that you find Feature requests are also welcome...
Posted by tabulas on August 15, 2003 at 12:26 AM | 43 Comments
There have been a smattering of small updates to the site:

1.) Hit logging extended information now displays the date of the hit (it used to just display the time)
2.) When you upload an image to an album, it has a autoset rank of '255.' Remember the rank number determines when it shows up in your album ('255' would show up later than '1'). In all, the gallery ranking system will be complemented with a more automated system when we roll out Tabulas Gallery 2.0.
3.) There was a minor big bug involving anonymous users. After we implemented the "filtered e-mailing" system to protect the e-mail addresses of those anonymous commenters, we realized we had made a typo which basically led to no e-mails being sent to those users when you select the "e-mail" function. This should now be fixed.
4.) The input textbox for your entries now uses 12px font ... nothing big.
5.) For those of you taking advantage of your RSS feed (located at /rss/username.rss), you'll notice that we fixed up an error regarding the output of the RSS feed ... our login system used to make your username whatever you typed in when you logged in (e.g. 'tabulas' and 'TABULAS' would be the same). However, in the former case, a RSS feed would be generated at /rss/tabulas.rss while in the latter case a RSS feed would be generated at /rss/TABULAS.rss. This is now fixed - however your name is cased when you register is now the 'default' way your name is displayed.
6.) Oops. Your website link only allowed for 36 characters, which kinda sucked if you had a long URL. We've fixed this to 100 characters and auto-upgraded the database for anyone who didn't put in a http:// link.
7.) Autolinks have been switched back to case sensitive.

You can go take a look at the documentation page, which is still under construction. We'll soon be adding more detailed explanations of all the features.

Note: The custom entries output (under Styles » Entry Format) portion if broken. We will be fixing that in a little bit.
Posted by tabulas on August 19, 2003 at 01:02 PM | 63 Comments
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