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Hello, everybody! It's been a quiet year from my front, but things are starting to heat up! First off, you'll notice our awesome new homepage. We've improved the visuals of it to make it more user-friendly - I hope you click through and discover other people's Tabulas accounts!

Secondly, I've just added Facebook "Like" integration. What this little widget allows you to do is seamlessly post to your Facebook stream the Tabulas content (entries, pages, and images) that you like! It will only appear for public content (to protect the privacy of your data).

You can easily disable this feature if you don't like it - go to your "settings" tab in the control panel and select the option you want under "Facebook Integration."

For entries, you can have the "Like" feature also appear on your main journal views as well (select the last option). When I tested this feature out, it felt a little too overloaded, so the default is the "Like" icon only appears when you view the full entry (the same view as commenting).

Hope you enjoy these new features, and please join the Tabulas page on Facebook to remain connected.

Posted by tabulas on June 16, 2010 at 02:17 AM in General News | 1 Comments
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