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Take a few minutes and read this post.

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We will be deleting all tagboard entries older than December 1st, 2004. So if you have any important you need to save from your old tagboard entries, please save them now.

Posted by tabulas on February 1, 2005 at 05:29 AM in General News | 12 Comments

I wrote a quick script to analyze how the Tabulas community as a whole feels for any given month.

Check out the results.

The bigger the word is, the more people who felt that way for a given month.

Hope this gives you a good reason to start using those pre-made moods!

Posted by tabulas on February 2, 2005 at 05:17 PM in General News | 17 Comments

We have completed the tagboard maintenance; we cleared out old tagboard entries (those older than December 1st, 2004).

Please note that cleaning out these archives is something we'll be doing regularly every few months to keep the tagboard feature fast!

Over the next few days, your message center might be broken. Please bear with us while we upgrade our message center software to support even MORE features

Posted by tabulas on February 5, 2005 at 07:45 PM in General News | 3 Comments

Sorry for the extended downtime on the message center. Everything should now be functional once again. You can now message multiple users at one (separate usernames with a semicolon) or you can select one of your community or everybody on your friends list to send a mass message. To prevent abuse, we do not allow for "reply-alls."

Posted by tabulas on February 10, 2005 at 03:29 AM in General News | 8 Comments

User groups have now returned. User groups allow multiple Tabulas accounts to be linked together so you don't have to keep logging in and out to use multiple Tabulas accounts. This is not meant for account sharing, but for users who maintain multiple individual blogs on Tabulas.

As it used to be, only paid users can create user groups. However, any free user account can be joined into a user group created by a paid user.

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Also, if you have been having trouble deleting images from your gallery, we apologize. There was a bug that we located and have now removed. You should be able to delete any images that are not in albums now.

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To those of you who have referred friends to Tabulas, you can finally send in your request for your free full-year paid account! Simply go to your referrals page and scroll down to the bottom. If you've qualified with 6 valid referrals you can send in your request for an upgrade. You can also use these credits to upgrade other people's accounts as well... they make great gifts!

Edit: Apologies to those who were unable to request an upgrade; visit that link now and it should work.

Posted by tabulas on February 11, 2005 at 05:51 AM in General News | 4 Comments

The old method of letting you change the fonts/colors through an easy interface has been added back again. You can try it out from the color scheme page.

I've just verified a whole bunch more of referrals, so check to see if you quality for a free paid account!

There have been a whole slew of bug fixes over the past few days - most of them relating the community feature. For some reason, the quotas for a lot of accounts were set lower than they should of been. That has been fixed, along with all community creation/editing problems.

There were a bunch of small annoyance regarding crossposting to Xanga and Livejournal which were all fixed up.

Thanks for your continued support of Tabulas!

Posted by tabulas on February 15, 2005 at 04:00 AM in General News | 9 Comments

If you have extra accounts that you registered but you aren't using, please login to those accounts and set them to be deleted. I'm a neat freak, so I'd like to delete all inactive accounts!

Thanks for your time!

Posted by tabulas on February 17, 2005 at 07:18 AM in General News | 7 Comments

The server was a target of a SYN-ACK Denial of Service attack last night. This was not within my control and there was almost nothing I could do to deal with the problem on a local level when it was happening.

I have had the NOC look at the problem and they will filter the traffic at a router level if it happens again.

Sorry for the downtime on the site.

Posted by tabulas on February 18, 2005 at 01:03 PM in General News | 4 Comments

You can now ping your favorite "Recently Updated Weblog" sites like weblog.com, blo.gs, and syndic8.com.

Pinging Sites Documentation

Posted by tabulas on February 20, 2005 at 05:09 AM in Journaling Features | Add a Comment

I have started setting up tools to help regulate Tabulas as a community.

As a growing community, we must learn to respect one another - this is not a free area where you can harass other users or take advantages of the services here.

I have begun issuing warnings to users who are in violation of our TOS, primarily with hiding advertisements or the top navigational bar (IT MUST BE AT THE TOP OF EVERY LAYOUT! Not in the MIDDLE or BOTTOM! At the top!).

Accounts that do not respond after 5 days in fixing up their accounts will be suspended. 30 days after a suspension the accounts will be deleted.

We are also suspending accounts without notice that are run by children under 13. This is due to a federal law called COPPA.

If you feel a member is in violation of our TOS or is abusing our services, please feel free to report them in our abuse forums.

Thanks for you continued support of Tabulas!

Posted by tabulas on February 21, 2005 at 02:45 AM in General News | 15 Comments

There are a lot of questions regarding the top navigational bar, so I'll clarify this issue a bit.

The top navigational bar should not be considered a "design" part of your layout. It should be considered as an extention of your browser; for that purpose I do not use any strong colors.

The purpose of that top navigational bar is to let you quickly navigate within Tabulas if you're logged in. Think of it as a browser toolbar plugin, without having to actually install any program!

The rules regarding the navigational bars are as such:

  1. It should always be visible - FOR BOTH PAID USERS AND FREE USERS! I will not have any issues asking paid users to abide by this rule - this is the one issue I will not back off on for paid users!
  2. It must always be as close to the top of your page as possible. Ideally, there should be NO space between the top nav bar and your browser. If you require CSS hacks, post in our Styling Your Site forums on how to achieve this affect in your layout and someone will help you
  3. It should stretch across the top of the page. I've noticed a lot of layouts trying to squeeze it into some fancy part of their layouts. Do not consider it as a part of your layout!

If you use Tabulas as much as I do, that little nav bar becomes a critical tool for getting around Tabulas quickly. So please, do not try to change it.

Posted by tabulas on February 22, 2005 at 03:21 AM in General News | 6 Comments

For those of you who have customized templates and wish to customize the colors of the advertisements, we've now added this functionality to the site.

Read about it from our help center.

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I've created a directory of radio users on Tabulas. Go listen to some cool music!

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Tabulas will be down for roughly 30 minutes at around 5:00 PM EST tomorrow for a scheduled database backup.

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We will be ending our "free paid account for 6 referrals" promotion on March 3rd, 2005. So get your referrals in and make sure you cash in your referrals for a paid account as soon as possible!

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User banning and tagboard management is much easier now. You also now have the option of "Delete Tag and Ban User" from your tagboard management screen. Hopefully you will find good use for these tools!

Posted by tabulas on February 23, 2005 at 05:10 PM in General News | 13 Comments
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