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You can now ping your favorite "Recently Updated Weblog" sites like weblog.com, blo.gs, and syndic8.com.

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Posted by tabulas on February 20, 2005 at 05:09 AM in Journaling Features | Add a Comment
Without getting into too much detail, we've been doing a lot of planning to rehaul a lot of the Tabulas system. We will be doing some pre-production work by restructuring the database and recoding some of the entry engines to reflect these changes; your journals for a few minutes at a time may show errors; simply refresh your browser and they should go away. Those errors that do not go away within 2 minutes should be reported below.

We've updated the entry breaking feature; there should be no changes on your end, but the coding is a lot simpler now.
Posted by tabulas on March 10, 2004 at 06:51 PM in Journaling Features | 8 Comments
Based on some of the changes we made to commenting a few days ago, we've also slightly upgraded the "Feedback Log" page ... it is now listed as "Comment Log" and is a bit more comprehensive than Feedback Log previous was. The ability to filter yourself off your comment list is optional; you can turn on filtering on a per-session basis.

The UI is a bit better now; when you hit 'delete comment,' it takes you back to the comment log rather than sitting on an empty page with just a success message.

Free users are now restricted to being able to only moderate their last 50 comments.

Paid users can moderate all their comments; there is also a 'search by username' feature that you can use to quickly sort your comments.

You can also now delete comments you've left in other journals as long as it hasnt been longer than an hour since you posted your comment. Go to your "Comment Log" and scroll down to the very bottom and there will be a link to "Comments You've Left."
Posted by tabulas on February 1, 2004 at 08:31 AM in Journaling Features | 51 Comments
A bunch of new changes for the whole "friends" thing.

You can now filter your "friends of" list so that if anyone who lists you as a friend has some questionable topics you can block them from your "friends-of" list. They will also not appear on your "friends of" listing on your profile.

However, they will still be able to view your entries on their "friends" page.

We've also slightly updated the profile page. Your "friends" may have some bolded text; these are users who have also listed you as a friend (so basically mutual friends are bolded on the profiles "Friends" field).

The "Friends Of" feature now only lists users who list you as a friend but who you have not listed as a friend.

You can also by default choose to NOT display who lists you as a friend and deny users the ability to see your "friends of" page from the Styles page in your control panel; you will still be able to view your own Friends Of page, but everyone else will not.

. . .

We've also updated the output of your links pages to reflect any categories you've created. Categories will not appear unless there is at least one link assigned to it.
Posted by tabulas on January 19, 2004 at 05:08 PM in Journaling Features | 25 Comments
We spent a little time rewriting the backing up engine; the new output should generate clean HTML (with no more styling); the RSS feed should also be corrected. There were some old issues of bad styling being placed into the RSS feeds as well as entries not being properly generated for both the HTML and RSS feeds (due to new breaking features being implemented after the creation of the backup pages).

The backup should now work quite nicely ... you also must explicitly tell the site to generate the backup; it used to generate it when you simply visited the page.

Due to these new changes, we've reset EVERYBODY'S last request date to 1970. This means that everybody (regardless of when they last backed up their journal) can go to the backup page and grab a fresh backup of your journal!

Do it now and save it to your hard drive!
Posted by tabulas on January 13, 2004 at 03:17 AM in Journaling Features | 7 Comments
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