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This is a request for those of you who create custom templates ... what additional commands would you like to have access to when creating custom templates?

Please note our old templating commands are located here.

Posted by tabulas on August 24, 2005 at 01:16 AM in General News | 10 Comments

I've decided to drop the Google AdSense advertisements from all free accounts (obviously, paid accounts never showed them!). It just wasn't worth cluttering up some of your nice custom templates

This doesn't mean that Tabulas will remain ad-free forever ... but for the immediate future, enjoy your ad-free Tabulas!

Posted by tabulas on August 24, 2005 at 03:18 PM in General News | 30 Comments

Here's the update on Tabulas 2.1: It's not even remotely close to being done. Thsi is largely my fault, as I keep trashing the work I'm doing for it and revamping large parts of it. Because I really want to get this release perfect, I'm taking extra time on it so it'll be up my own high standards before I release it.

Originally I was going to do a huge Tabulas sale once 2.1 launches, but since release is getting further and further off and people have been asking me quite often about sales, I will run a sale shortly. Please consider upgrading your account and supporting this site; now that we've dropped advertisements, paid (patron) accounts are the only way I can pay the server fees!

Starting 12:01 EST on September 1st until September 8th (exactly one week!), I will run the following promotion (very similar to the old one which people loved!):

  • One-year paid accounts will now be priced at: $16
  • 6-month paid accounts will now be priced at $10
  • 3-month accounts will now be priced at $5
  • If you buy any two of the same packages, you will receive the third package for FREE!. For example, if you purchase two of the 1-year patron accounts at $16/each, you can receive the third year for FREE ... this would normally cost you $84 but will ONLY cost you $32 during this period! These make great gifts ... so bulk up and give the gift of Tabulas to someone else! You can split up the time on your patron accounts among as many accounts as you wish.
Posted by tabulas on August 27, 2005 at 12:56 PM in General News | 8 Comments
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