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Sorry for the no sale. I'm working on a new payment system (we're trying to move away from PayPal and to generic CC handling) which is taking a lot longer than I expected since I'm also working full-time and also developing the next version of Tabulas. Rest assured, I WILL have the sale soon.

I've gotten a shipment of the first Tabulas t-shirts from our printer, and my friend has been so gracious as to model them (quite humorously, I might add). Check out his Tabulas post and tell me if you like the shirts They'll probably go on sale pretty soon, with cheap intl shipping as well

My friend, Moonie the Gentleman

This is me

Posted by tabulas on September 7, 2005 at 12:29 AM in General News | 28 Comments

Since people seem to really want these shirts, I'll put some of them up for sale - we have exactly 13 smalls, 2 mediums, 3 larges, and 3 youth medium sizes for sale.

The price will be $16 for each shirt (shipping/handling included to continential US). For international orders, please add $2 to the final order (so $18).

Also to thank you for buying these shirts, people who purchase a Tabulas t-shirt may pay an additional $5 to get a FULL free year's patron account! So for those of you in the States with $21 to spare, get a Tabulas t-shirt and a patron account. (If you want to know what a patron account gets, read this page.)

If you are paying NOT with PayPal, please email me at roy@tabulas.com with your tshirt size and the method in which you'd like to pay.

PayPal users can pay clicking this button below:

Tshirt size
Username to upgrade

Pay by credit card: Our CC merchant is up

Thanks so much for supporting Tabulas - it's really great to see people enjoying the product I've worked hard to create

Edit: A few questions on tshirt sizes, so here they are:

length: 28 inches (71 cm), width: 18 inches (46 cm)

length: 29 inches (74 cm), width: 20 inches (51 cm)

length: 30 inches (76 cm), width: 22 inches (56 cm)

Posted by tabulas on September 7, 2005 at 06:48 PM in General News | 9 Comments

I'm sorry, but users on aces.tabulas.com will not be able to upload images; the hard drive has maxed out in space. I'll be ordering a hard drive shortly to alleviate this problem.... please bear with me as I deal with these issues.

Edit: Alright, I'm using some temporary solutions to create some space for aces.tabulas.com members. This should hold us over until I can afford some more servers!

Thanks for your patience!

Posted by tabulas on September 28, 2005 at 05:20 PM in General News | 7 Comments
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