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Has it been nearly 5 months since I've written an update to Tabulas? Sorry, everybody! Job is busy, but I've actually been hard at work on Tabulas during my free times over the past few months. Here's what's been happening:

  • New control panel work! - I've been spending a lot of time working on the NEW control panel. This will be a lot better than the existing one and will hopefully be a lot easier to use! Because of this, I've been unable to field requests at the help center, and I apologize. I will spend at least 30 minutes a day at the help center, so if you need any help, please feel free to go there! Thanks to ree for also posting answers when she could to help me out
  • Battling spam - Before October, spam was rampant on tagboards and comments. I spent a lot of time building tools that would delete these spam comments/tags en-masses, but it wasn't until I forced captcha checks on guest comments/tags that the spammers stopped trying. So enjoy the low-to-no spam in your Tabulas accounts! I realize that spammers are starting to register accounts and filling them with spam; please let me know if you find these accounts so I can shut them down!
  • New infrastructure! - I am moving all images and files to new servers which are hosted at Amazon. This means that the URLs of your images *will* change, but I am working on a solution so you don't have to update your templates or entries to link to the new images.

There is an issue currently with "big" images missing. I'm not sure what happened, but this problem occured during my upgrade scripts which were moving all of Tabulas' images and files to Amazon's servers. Your images are not lost, they just don't exist on the old servers (aces.tabulas.com, lca.tabulas.com, or jbiel.tabulas.com). To get the new URLs of your big images, go to your Tabulas gallery and find your image, and the "big" image URL will be updated. The format is: http://images.tabulas.co/USERID/l/imagename.jpg (you can change the /l/ folder to /s/ for thumbnails and /m/ for web-sized images as well.

The time offset issue should now be fixed as well. Apologies for causing a problem, there!

If your templates are broken because a big image is missing, please open a trouble ticket and I'll fix it for you. Just let me know what template to fix.

I'm really sorry for all these troubles - I expect as I transition from codebases and servers that these things will happen with more frequency ... but once it's all settled, I promise things will be much better!

Thanks once again for sticking with Tabulas through thick and thin - I really do hope that I can make it worth your while

Posted by tabulas on October 5, 2006 at 03:18 AM in General News | 6 Comments

Javascript has been disabled for templating and content pages on free accounts. I've had to do this because spammers are registering free accounts then using javascript to redirect to their spam pages. Patron accounts will still be allowed javascript in their templates and content pages. Both patron and free accounts will *not* be allowed to put Javascript in their entries.

Posted by tabulas on October 15, 2006 at 07:54 PM in General News | 13 Comments

If you've been a member of Tabulas for more than 50 days, your templates can now contain Javascript (even free accounts!); this should be long enough that spammers won't screw with our templating system, PLUS it gives rewards to people who've used Tabulas for a while.

Posted by tabulas on October 26, 2006 at 07:32 PM in General News | 18 Comments
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