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I know we've actually extended this sale for a few weeks too long, but we will finally be putting this deal to rest. Please consider supporting this site and purchasing a paid account.

The deal is: $50 for 3 12-month accounts or one account for $25/year.

We will end this deal at 1159PM on Friday, January 16th. After that, the price will be back up to $28/year for a paid account.

Get them while they're hot!
Posted by tabulas on January 15, 2004 at 01:05 AM in Commercial Things | 13 Comments
Just a reminder that the special 3 paid accounts for $50 will expire shortly. More information here.

Thanks and have a happy new years!
Posted by tabulas on December 28, 2003 at 08:35 PM in Commercial Things | 21 Comments
Registrations have reopened. Thanks for your patience!
Posted by tabulas on December 18, 2003 at 03:13 PM in Commercial Things | 7 Comments
When we re-open registrations, we will only be opening them up for a few days; we're stil a bit iffy about the whole server situation.

A new server *has* been purchased, but we are still in the process of configuring it.

We are also in the middle of a complete code revamp, switching up some technical things within the coding so that we can support the future growth of Tabulas.

We will be moving all CSS files to http://css.tabulas.com as well as all images to http://images.tabulas.co/.

These new changes will result in no difference for you - if our plan is executed smoothly, you will not even notice a change!

When we do re-open accounts, we have implement a new feature called "account reclamation." Basically when a new user registers, our site will search for an old unactivated account that is more than a month old. Unactivated accounts are those that were not confirmed via e-mail, so the account was never used.

We will be granting out those accounts to new registrations instead of creating a new userid. We have approximately 1000 unactivated accounts ... so this should also help our database a bit.

There's a ton of stuff coming out of Tabulas this week, so check this page regularly!
Posted by tabulas on December 17, 2003 at 07:26 PM in Commercial Things | 11 Comments
The special $50 for 3 1-year account deal has started We've also added a 3-month payment option for $8 for those who can't commit to half-year and year-long subscriptions.

You can find all relevant links in the payment pages!

Thanks once again!
Posted by tabulas on December 15, 2003 at 05:51 PM in Commercial Things | 4 Comments
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