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I hate comment spam. I know you hate it too. I just want to let you know that I'm not standing by, I spent a a good bulk amount of time deleting close to two thousand (!) comment spams left in Tabulas.

I am going to be developing some tools in the near future that should help protect ALL Tabulas members from comment spam. I'll let you know about the tools as they are released.

I also want to announce that I have talked to the guys at opinmind and have agreed to help them start crawling Tabulas accounts - right now you won't receive any benefits from this, but in the future I hope to work with them in providing per-journal searches.

Opinmind is a cool  new search engine which lets you see how people think about a particular product; just go give the site a try! I'm really excited about this partnership - I hope you are, too!

Posted by tabulas on February 6, 2006 at 09:21 PM in General News | 6 Comments

Thanks to MikeyMike for reporting that the birthdays weren't working! There was a problem during the upgrade early in February; your birthday notifications should now be working once again.

I've quietly been upgrading critical components of the gallery backend for Tabulas; the new updates went on the site today, so if you had some problems earlier uploading images, that's to blame! I've checked the gallery feature after I made the updates, and everything seems to be working fine!

There's an exciting new feature for Tabulas now; it's the Windows XP image/file uploader.

Basically this new feature will let you upload as many images as your Tabulas account can support directly from Windows XP! You no longer have to use the control panel's "five at a time" interface to upload images.

To make things even better, you can also upload your media files through this interface!

This feature is currently available to ALL users. However, if it becomes too popular and starts hogging too much computer usage, I may make it a patron-only feature. But until then, please go ahead and use this - it makes your life SO much easier!

At the request of enchiridion, I've added a tipjar page which is accessible from any of the help pages. Tips are greatly appreciated!

Go learn how to use Windows XP uploader for images! 

Posted by tabulas on February 13, 2006 at 03:59 AM in General News | 1 Comments

The Blogger API has been added to Tabulas; this will allow you to update your Tabulas accounts with programs like w.bloggar and Performancing (Firefox plugin).

The Blogger API endpoint is: http://api.tabulas.com/blogger/

If you are using the old Blogger API endpoint, please discontinue your usage of that endpoint and please start pointing to this new one. I will phase out the old Blogger API endpoint at the end of February.

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AOL's been quite troublesome lately - their profiles are stripping equal signs from ALL URLs stored in profiles. Because it doesn't look like they're going to fix it, I've updated the AIM profile link. To get the new link, visit your AIM logging page.
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Any entries you make now should now be using our new RSS generator. The new RSS feeds have better support for escaping characters and also have an additional element (guid).

Also, any time you delete an entry, it will show up in your RSS feed as a blank entry - for aggregators that keep local copies of RSS entries on their servers, the blank entry should wipe the old entry from their local cache.

If you see any problems with the new RSS feeds (privacy issues, encoding issues, any problems at all!), please let me know.

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I'm still working on dealing on blocking comment spam. I've been taking some time each day and going through Tabulas and deleting comment spam. I hope to implement a preventive system soon though (this reactive sutff takes away valuable time for me!)

Posted by tabulas on February 27, 2006 at 02:30 AM in General News | 1 Comments
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