I've updated Tabulas after a trouble ticket informed me that international characters were not displaying properly.

This should solve most problems, but I do expect a lot of problems will arise with existing templates and entries. If you are having significant problems, please open a trouble ticket that is as detailed as possible.

Tabulas now natively supports UTF-8 everywhere.

Posted by tabulas on April 14, 2006 at 08:03 PM in General News | 2 Comments

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tabulas has turned on comment autolocking after 2 days.
Comment posted on April 15th, 2006 at 02:40 PM
Well, my more recent posts seem fine (haven't checked the old old entries)
Comment posted on April 15th, 2006 at 05:59 PM
Please let me know if any of your old old entries have problems. I have a feeling that I'm going to need to manually convert some really old entries into UTF-8...