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Posted by tabulas on June 3, 2003 at 11:49 AM | 19 Comments
As work begins with Tabulas 1.0, we feel it's our ... obligation to let you guys decide how the new system is going to be structured.

As much as we'd like to keep Tabulas 100% free, there is no possible way that economics will support that ideology ...

Tabulas will be offering both free and non-free accounts. Obviously, the non-free accounts will be more feature packed than the free ones. Off the bat, we can say that hit logging will probably not be available for everyone (although AIM tracking might be ...) due to the high CPU usage.

We hope that we can charge for a greater image storage fee and additional styling abilities with images; we're leaning towards "phases" for free accounts.

As of now, we're leaning towards allowing users 75 images quota for the first month they join Tabulas. After the one month, their limit will be pushed to 150. This is to prevent one-day signups posting 150 images without ever journaling once.

Paid users will probably receive 400 images storage with advanced features for $25/year.

But we'd like YOUR thoughts... how should Tabulas set limitations on free/paid users?

P.S. Beta users will be alloted the same features as paid users at no cost =)
Posted by tabulas on June 8, 2003 at 12:37 AM | 42 Comments
In order to cut back on some memory consumption, we're doing minor coding upgrades throughout the site. Please report any errors you find here. These will be blantant errors where nothing will load except some weird text.

Posted by tabulas on June 9, 2003 at 02:44 PM | 30 Comments
We're feeling confident enough to announce a tentative release date for Tabulas 1.0. As work progressed on Tabulas 1.0, we decided to cut back on a few features (that hopefully no one will notice).
If you're forgotten, the full feature set for Tabulas 1.0 was mentioned in a previous post.

So... tentatively, Tabulas 1.0 will launch June 23rd, 2003.
Posted by tabulas on June 18, 2003 at 12:16 AM | 16 Comments
Tabulas 1.0 will *break* all custom styles, EXCLUDING templates you made yourself. Taking a quick look at the database, this will affect 92 people.

While we tried to make the transition over from Beta to 1.0 as seamless as possible, some of the antiquidated methods utilized by beta ... were too much trouble to convert. Therefore we're simply deprecating the whole old styling method for a new one that should be a lot more efficient.

Tabulas 1.0 is way behind schedule, but we'll see by tonight if we can crank it out.

We will also be implementing limits to certain portions for free users; beta users are the same as paid users. Images will be limited to 75 images for free users; 250 for paid/beta testers. Free users will also only be allowed to store two custom templates (you can make as many as you want, but the site will only save two), and 3 custom styles.

More on this later.
Posted by tabulas on June 22, 2003 at 01:06 PM | 3 Comments
Looks like we will probably not hit our launch date.

UPDATE: Our ... neverending obsession with details is delaying the launch of 1.0. Furthermore, some unexpected bumps in the development cycle for a few of our features (damn CSS parsers...) led to a longer timetable than we expected.

In any case, our new timetable is set to release Tabulas on Tuesday, June 23rd.

Tabulas may become unavailable or be prone to a lot of errors during the upgrade (which may take a while since we revamped a lot of the site).

Posted by tabulas on June 23, 2003 at 12:58 AM | 23 Comments
Tabulas 0.999999 is now in effect. This basically features a completely rehashed UI for the admin panel. The templates have also been standardized to use the same CSS tables ...

Unfortunately the timing of this release is horrible. I leave tomorrow until mid-July and will be unable to fix any bugs nor reply to any comments and such. As this site is still considered beta (by me), I will not implement any restrictions yet. Please continue to report any problems you have with the site.

Some changes that occured during upgrade to Tabulas 0.99999:
1.) Stickied entries were lost
2.) Entries with attached images were lost (for the moment). This should be fixed once I get back.
3.) All color schemes were lost (this was announced and intentional). Please feel free to recreate your color schemes, though =).
4.) All anonymouse usernames were reset to allow for the new comment changes.

Some new features:
1.) Autolinks
Associate keywords in your entries with links. Just try it out to understand how it works =) Autolinks only work when you post an entry; edited entries are not subjected to autolinks.

2.) Automated Linking
If you put in a URL directly into your entry, Tabulas will detect this and automatically create a link for you.

3.) Inline Image Inputting
There is now a tag that will input an image from your gallery into your entry instead of having to type out the full HTML. Simply grab the ID of the image (which is the last 4 set of numbers in the URL for any image ... for instance the URL http://www.tabulas.com/~roy/gallery/album209/1813.html has an image with ID of 1813), then put this into your journal entry: (img:ID Number) ... use brackets instead of parenthesis. It will input your image.

4.) Completely revamped gallery
The gallery UI was lacking. There is now mass edit options which will hopefully make managing your galleries less cumbersome. Please try out the new system =) There is also additional border options - nested, B&W, etc. Go to your 'Add Images' page to see more options.

5.) Crossposting
Crossposting has now been moved to a more permanent location ("Entry Options"). Since most people who crosspost do so on a consistent basis, we've decided to do this and move it all on one page. If you input a LJ username, it will also not require you to input your username/password. A time error on the old LJ crossposting was fixed (the time would always set to 7pm). Pinging Weblogs.com has also been added if you want to add your journal.

6.) Backing Up Journal
You now have an option to back up your journal; but you may do so only once every two weeks. All journals are generated in both HTML and RSS feeds for easy implementation and saves.

7.) Upgraded UI across the board
Most, if not all the pages were upgraded to newer designs in the admin panel. This also involved a careful rewrite of a lot of code ... bah!

8.) Entry Formatting
You may not custom-edit your entry outputs; everything in your journal is now mostly customizable.

9.) 'Blogring-Only Postings'
Essentially the same thing as 'private.' Used to differentiate personal posts and private posts.

10.) Ranking Gallery Pictures
Ok this was kind of tricky. You can now order your pictures in your gallery, but you must put in manual numbers. The script will order based on the numbers you input. As long as one image has a greater number, it will appear after another image. You will see 'Rebuild Indices' links in your gallery. If you find that your numbering system has gone completely wacko, you can use the 'Rebuild' function to reorder. It will basically order your whole gallery and set nice integer numbers (1, 2, 3, etc.) so it's easier to manage.
Read more for things to do.
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Posted by tabulas on June 28, 2003 at 01:57 AM | 38 Comments
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