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For you MS Internet Explorer users, there is now a "HTML Editor Mode" which essentially serves as an inline WYSIWYG editor. Try it out; you should be pleasantly surprised.
Posted by tabulas on May 1, 2003 at 03:10 AM | 3 Comments
We've been focusing lately on the gallery portion of the site - it's been completely rewritten from scratch to accomodate some more changes that will occur over the following week. Please let us know if you find any errors with working on your gallery.

We've also fixed up a few profile errors (location and such). We've also added a "Description" field so you can write a short description about yourself.

Question: I know a few people wanted the "coveted" beta tester title. Comment here if you wanted one.

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Posted by tabulas on May 2, 2003 at 02:04 AM | 9 Comments
First, we would like to apologize. 6 users have been locked out of their accounts due to transitional errors from the old sessions-based system to our new user authentication system. Those users that were affected: Hockeybaybe45, onceinlove, Jamie, nabilah, SuzyQ6212, sayersy2k, and hitchme. We apologize for this error. The problems have been fixed now.

It's called Charmander. This journal is now using it. Report any errors with it here. Much thanks to KLS for allowing us to use his template =)

There will be some work with the gallery this weekend as well as integration with AudioMatch.

KLS, just for you, I'll take a look at "reordering."
Posted by tabulas on May 2, 2003 at 07:31 AM | 5 Comments
Smilies are now enabled for your site as well as your tagboard. You can view the possible silies by selected "View Smilies" from the simple or advanced entry addition modes. We're looking at revamping the HTML Editor mode so we haven't really added support for smilies there.

In order to enable smilies (since not all of us are emoticon lovers), go to your admin panel, go to "Styles" --> General Styles, and you'll see the dropdown. There are currently 4 different color schemes you can choose from .

A huge thanks goes out to the fellas at TVThemeTunes.Net for not ONLY making these smilies, but letting anyone use them for free!

Posted by tabulas on May 3, 2003 at 02:17 PM | 5 Comments
As the big features come to a somewhat standstill due to extended work on a HOT new feature (well, we hope so at least), we'll be doing small fixes.

Some upcoming stuff:
- New management of friends in both admin panel and the way it displays
- New gallery management UI in admin panel

We've added some new tagboard changes - your name autoselects if you're logged in. Furthermore, legitimate users posting in tagboards starting today will automatically have an image linked to their tabulas appended to their name. This helps eliminate "spoofing" of users (COUGH TONYLEE COUGH).
Posted by tabulas on May 4, 2003 at 06:38 AM | 29 Comments
Sorry for the complete lack of updates. I've been going through finals hell.

In any case, a lot of stuff is going to be completely rebuilt from scratch with the upcoming summer. The styling system is going to be revamped, which means YOUR STYLES WILL NO LONGER WORK ... you'll have to rebuild them. But that's like .. 3 weeks in the near future.

The blogrings will probably be one of the first things to be completely revamped; I'm pretty unhappy with the way things are being done.

The HTML editor mode may also be revamped ... it's actually been renamed as "WYSIWYG" due to confusion. The HTML editor mode is not where you type in HTML commands; simple/advanced mode is for that.

There is a complete lack of documentation for how everything is done here; that will also hopefully be remedied within the next few weeks.

This has been one big learning experience ... thank you (everybody) for dealing with the constant bugs and general lack of quality of this site so far. Stick with me over the summer; I guarantee this site will start to kick ass soon.

Certain statistics were taken down due to irrelevance, and the others were tweaked. A new system of viewing the "21 Most Recently Updated Journals) will be implemented; this new system will only display one journal entry per person to help promote more community spirit.

Everyone, thanks again for sticking with me. I'm getting better at this whole scripting thing (thank god I'm not CS or I'd fail out of school in a blink of an eye) ...
Posted by tabulas on May 8, 2003 at 10:23 PM | 12 Comments
DeadJournal support added. Thanks to Gracelyn for temporarily loaning us her account to test.

After much ... development, we're happy to announce the single-handedly best feature ever to hit the blogging industry.

Go to your Profile and scroll down to see the last checkbox.

This will surely revolutionize the way this site works.
Posted by tabulas on May 9, 2003 at 03:53 PM | 12 Comments
PubertY2K: i think that if you could get joel stein to blog on tabulas, your life would be a success
PubertY2K: no matter what you did from that point on

So true.

There has been no work on Tabuas. I just finished school and the last thing I wanted to do was spend 12 hours a day programming.

But I'll start soon.
Posted by tabulas on May 13, 2003 at 05:45 PM | 7 Comments
Please withhold submitting bugs and errors for the next few days. Thanks.
Posted by tabulas on May 16, 2003 at 12:33 PM | 13 Comments
Thanks for not reporting any ... bugs. We've released a few slight upgrades to Tabulas; there are a LOT forthcoming.

The current fixes include:
1.) Fix for 'custom templating' bug where multiple templates would be selected as the 'default template.'

2.) A huge upgrade on UI within the admin panel. Blogrings and Friends were consolidated under one roof with "Community." A ton of pages (too many to list) were changed around. We've also started to organize the more complicated portions (Styling and Templating in particular) in a specific manner to make editing these changes easier.

3.) Moderating blogrings actually works - support was added so that the moderator can also now edit the stylistic changes to each blogring. You can also use custom templates for your blogring; simply create it and then select it from within your blogring. Note that I have not yet released the commands for the blogrings ... the commands used in your user template *will not work* in blogring templates. These will be released shortly.

4.) Adding entries to multiple blogrings now works

5.) Changing password support has been added

6.) There is a checkbox under your Preferences > Your Personal Profile for 'Receive E-mail Notifications.' Whenever someone replies to one of your posts OR replies to a comment made by you in another person's journal, you will receive an e-mail notification. This helps keep up with your comments.

7.) There is now an option to input your own mood. This will override any mood setting you set for an entry from the dropdown. Likewise, if you type in a mood that exists in the dropdown, it will detect that automatically.

8.) Usericons has been moved from the Preferences Tab to the Styles tab. You may now delete your 'default' usericon, but this will unset all your icons; previously if you deleted a non-default usericon, all your entries using that specific non-default usericon was set to the default usericon.

9.) (EDIT: 10PM EST) Feedback log now works. This is a quick way to view the recent comments left on your whole journal - it does not overlap with 'moderate comments' because moderate comments lets you see the comments in context to the post. This has now removed the 'moderate comments' button on the left panel of the entries section because of it's redundancy.

10.) (EDIT: 1030PM EST) The 'Edit Entry' main page view has been changed up to display the post status as well as a link to the actual entry on your Tabulas. I've also activated the link for changing your e-mail address on this site (Preferences > E-Mail Settings).

As a tangent, you'll notice that this site does not display ANY personal information about you anywhere. Even after logging in you cannot receive any sensitive information (e-mail or password). This is to help protect YOUR privacy. :D

A few notes:
There are a bunch of new buttons in the admin panel that DO NOT work. These will be fixed within 48 hours; the features are going through quick verification to make sure there are no huge bugs. There should be a flurry of activity here so check back.

And please report any bugs here. I am going to assume there are a bunch from the features already implemented as well as some of the new features that are upcoming that have their code implemented but not accessible to you guys :D

Posted by tabulas on May 18, 2003 at 09:46 PM | 9 Comments
Tabulas now supports multiple user accounts - this is something I was toying with for a while due to its potential downfalls. On one hand, I know a lot of people like to maintain separate journals for separate topics, but on the other hand, this leads to abuse of the gallery (when we do go paid, people can use the free service to get more gallery space).

We've decided that for the time being, we will fully support any user that gets multiple accounts in keeping with the spirit of not abusing Tabulas. In any case, here is how to do it:

Go to Preferences, Multiple User Accounts. You will have to create a 'master group' with one username. After you create the group, it will give you a group id. Remember this number. Go log-in to your alternate accounts and then join the group by inputting the group id, the master account username/password ... this will then join you into that 'user group.'

This will then create a little box on the left side of your admin panel which allows you to switch from account to account (I'm using it for this one and my personal journal on tabulas with a lot of ease) without having to log-in/log-out.

This is not meant for separate people to 'share' one journal; you should use blogrings for that purpose.

There were also a few fixes across the site (links page now works).

Edit: Thanks for all the bug reports. I'm quashing them as fast as I can. Manual times is now *completely* fixed. I've tested it multiple times... fixed up the way the links page in your admin panel displays. More to come tomorrow!

Also, it's worth noting that if you have a large entry that you want to 'fragment,' input ['break'] (without the quotes, but with the brackets) in your entry. Everything before will display on your friends/home page, and everything after will only show on the extended entry page. This is to help alleviate 'long entry syndrome' from crowding your page and your friends' friend pages.
Posted by tabulas on May 19, 2003 at 05:18 PM | 21 Comments
We're still trying to figure out the best UI to manage the gallery. For now, we've changed things a little bit ... expect this to constantly evolve. A few days ago, we started logging the number of times an image is viewed (from within Tabulas; this does _not_ log if the images is viewed directly (e.g. something.jpg, it must be loaded from the appropriate Tabulas page)) ... and you will now see the number of times your image has been viewed in your gallery.

We've also added the option of making galleries friends-only. You'll now see the link in your gallery page in your admin panel.

Also, we've made it so if you visit your own gallery, you can see your own private albums ... before you could not see these on your own gallery even if you were logged in - you had to view these from your admin panel.

There were a few issues of sending data to blogrings when editing an entry; this should now be fix. There was also a bug that overrode your style settings on your friends page if your friend used a different date style (specifically from the Krabby template). Two more bugs ... SQUASHED. DIE BUGS.

Note: There's a bug with the date being display on your journal entries. We're aware of the problem and we're currently trying to fix it. Thanks!
Posted by tabulas on May 20, 2003 at 09:28 PM | 3 Comments
The styling system that Tabulas was built on is incredibly unstable and ... well... crappy. I will be implementing some standardization across the templates used on Tabulas (if you're HTML knowledgeable, you'll notice there is no consistency for style classes in the CSS files).

This means anyone who has CREATED THEIR OWN TABULAS STYLE using one of our own templates, NOT people who have created their own templates, will have to recreate their styles once I fix up the styling system.

This will probably occur this weekend. Please post questions here ...


P.S. If you're using your own template, please be considerate and add the navbar command right after your body tag. I will soon be making this a requirement ...
Posted by tabulas on May 20, 2003 at 10:45 PM | 24 Comments
Your site tabulas.com has exceeded its
bandwidth quota in the period beginning on 2003-05-01.
Your quota is set to 5368709120 bytes, and
your site has consumed 108329896 bytes beyond that quota.

This is good news =) It means people are using Tabulas enough for it to push more than 5 gigs in 23 days! Keep up the good work, guys!

There are a lot of smaller things getting fixed around Tabulas; nothing big will happen for a while. The styling changes will probably occur sometime next week. Look out for it.

A big bug involving editing entries and displaying music has been fixed.
Posted by tabulas on May 23, 2003 at 01:06 AM | 26 Comments
The template Charmander is now using some new links ... e.g. your site pages are a lot easier to remember now. If you're using another template, the changes will be made soon.

Check out the new URLs by visiting a Charmander-templated Tabulas; I really think this is change for the better. Also, please stop using /users/username/ . I'm going to deprecate this method within weeks end; switch to /~user/ instead.

Here is the full list of changes made:
- main homepage: /~user/
- main gallery: /~user/gallery.html
- album within gallery: /~user/gallery/album#/
- image within album: /~user/gallery/album#/#.html
- image not in album: /~user/gallery/#.html
- links: / ~user/links.html
- favorite entries: /~user/favorites.html
- friends: /~user/friends.html
- friendof: /~user/friendof.html
- content: /~user/content.hml
- content pages: /~user/content/#.html
- archives index: /~user/archives.html
- archives by month/year: /~user/year/month/
- profile: /~user/profile.html
- blogrings: /blogrings/~blogringname/
- entry name: /~user/#.html

I think there might be more but my mind is slipping. Tabulas 1.0 feature set will be released soon - we spend the past week overviewing some Tabulas and figuring out what are the required features for Tabulas for 1.0.

The characters (per inababes request) has been boosted to 35 characters for the title of your tabulas'.

More features are upcoming soon.
Posted by tabulas on May 29, 2003 at 11:29 AM | 5 Comments
Quick Edit: Commenting was accidentallly disabled. Should be fixed now. Sorry.

The final feature set for Tabulas 1.0 is below ... these are all the features that we will be working on over the upcoming weeks. Some include an 'upgrade' of existing features, and others are completely new. Click below to see all the bugs and features that will be added...

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Posted by tabulas on May 29, 2003 at 02:10 PM | 17 Comments
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