We've had to clear out a chunk of the database as a part of maintenance; a bunch of the 'personalized' hit logging data was deleted. However, the only data that was deleted was referrals from within the site.

We are only going to start storing referral data if the referrer is *not* within Tabulas.

We do plan on expanding the hit logging feature a bit (or just making it better in general). We plan on generating monthly reports for all paid users about referrals from outside Tabulas as well as a more aesthetic calendar view for monthly views. These features should be implemented over the next few days, so please be patient.

P.S. We've also added categories to this journal to help manage news a bit better (Thanks to that person who suggested a few weeks ago; I just got around to doing it).
Posted by tabulas on December 30, 2003 at 03:12 AM in General News | 2 Comments

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