Don't forget that we've recently added a Help Center where you can post your questions about your Tabulas accounts!

There have been some small updates to the help center:

  • Fixed up links to the old home page in the documentation
  • Added an important new document:  What can I do about comment spam?
  • Fixed up display problems in Internet Explorer (the bars had weird heights!)
  • Added the capability for me to edit/add documents much easier than before

If you have any documentation requests, please leave them as a comment below

Update: Sorry for the slight downtime on the main server; I've been updating the new home page with the old statistics page and I ran into some rather critical bugs. They've all been resolved, and I will be monitoring the server to make sure no new bugs are introduced into the system over the next day or two (a lot of the work I did was automated scripts which run at a specific time each day, so it's hard to make sure everything is working until that time passes).  

On the statistics page, you'll find information about the total number of useres, entries, images, communities, etc. You can also find a nifty little graph that shows how Tabulas has grown since it was created March of 2003.  

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