First off, thanks to all of those who tried out the Flickr integration! I know there were some rough spots, but this weekend, I spent some time polishing off some of the features.

If you go to the Flickr sync page, you can now one-click delete all images that were imported from Flickr. I've also gotten rid of that nasty bug that had the Flickr images import into the root-level folder.

One of the "smart" things that Tabulas does with the Flickr sync is to not actually delete images that were imported from Flickr. Since the system resyncs your images from Flickr every few minutes, if I actually deleted your photos, they would just come back again!

So in order to work around that, Tabulas will store your deleted Flickr images into a recycling bin - if you want to force images to re-import, you need to empty out your recycling bin.

The "recent images" on the homepage of Tabulas has also been updated to be a bit more visually fun - I hope you discover some talented photographers on Tabulas!

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